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Get involved now because "the time is always right to do what is right"  - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

We can offer you support and advice to grow your business

We understand that  not everyone has the resources or skills to  do all they want for their business. That is why we have set up a business development department to offer the tools and support to help your business.

Website development and Training

Free three months business phone.

Virtual 'Live web-chat' assistance

A landline number for your business gives it the impression of it being professional and established.

We can set up  a free business  telephone for three months trial with no obligation to continue beyong that.  

Divert calls to any mobile number of your choice so you don't miss business, no payment up front and no connection charges.
Small business, medium or big, whatever your ambition is, there is always the chalenge of turning visitors on your website into buying customers. But, not every business owner has the resource to hire the needed help nor the time to do everything themselves. 

Fortunately, we can now set up your very own live-chat on your website and manage it for you whenever you need us to, for as little as £5 an hour without any contract.
Our team can develop a simple professional website plus a Facebook page and train you on how to manage it to help you connect and stay in touch with current and prospective customers.

We understand that money is hard to come by especially when you are setting up a small business so if you are experiencing any financial difficulty, which is preventing you from having this facility for your business, just talk to us and we will be happy to assist you from as little as £1

Interested in any of the above? Contact us to get started now. 

What we do with the community (COMING SOON) 

  1. Community businesses
    The vision behind this is to empower families, single parents and young people to improve their prospect of making extra income through viable economic projects. We mobilize members of the community to become owners of businesses that mostly caters to those members of the community thus making it fail-safe.
  2. Arts and crafts courses
    Whether to avoid boredom in our elderly, promote community cohesion or to introduce some positive focus to the younger ones, these arts and crafts groups and courses have a real chance of enriching everyone of any age in the community. They could also do wonders for individuals going through stresses and or depression.
  3. After-school clubs
    In partnership with local community organisations like churches, these vibrantly exciting after-school care and activities club give a real boost to the kids' mental development. They also encourage them to thrive in positive associations with other kids of their age group whilst giving their parents the much needed support to make time for their careers.
  4. Youth career support
    Sometimes our youths tend to need a little more encouragement, support and advice to choose the right career path. Our carefully tailored career fares delivered by professionals are able to steer their passion and help them to make the right choices in life.
  5. Classes for adults
    Special adult classes to help them improve on their english language skills (both oral and written), computer skills and many other day to day life skills that could help them improve their community integration and career prospects. These classes are opened to anyone from the age of 18 years.
  6. Extra classes for children
    If your child is lacking in any subject or even just to get them prepared for a impending exams, our qualified and highly motivated teachers are able to deliver lessons the way your child feel most comfortable with. Should you need a special arrangement like a home visit one to one classes, just let us know and we will be happy to help.

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Also, if you are interested in supporting the community by offering your skill or service in any other way let us know and we will be happy to work with you.